We live in a new era of entertainment: web streaming has become the primary mode for enjoying movies, television, and music in almost every household with an internet connection. Smart TV's dominate the marketplace, award-winning entertainment is being produced by streaming providers - it's almost shocking to discover that a friend doesn't have a Netflix account. Entertainment has begun to grow and adapt to the streaming ecosystem, and so too must all other forms of media. Cooking shows, however, have yet to embrace the digital revolution. Episodes continue to be produced by virtually the same model as was originally popularized by Julia Child in 1963. As both the digital media and home-cooking revolutions continue to grow in concert, so too must the humble cooking show. Born & Bread aims squarely at the new generation of home cooks, web-savvy and info-hungry, with a new and innovative format: the serialized cooking show.



What is "serialized" vs "procedural"?  The best example of a procedural drama might be Law & Order, a show in which a storyline is begun and resolved all in one episode.  A serialized drama might be exemplified by Breaking Bad, a show whose storyline arcs throughout the entire series, and must be watched from the beginning.  Born & Bread seeks to create a hybrid between the two - a cooking show that, if viewed in order, acts as a cookery course for the viewer.  While like traditional cooking shows, it will feature 2-3 recipes per episode, and conclude the episode with a finished dish, the episodes will be designed to be watched in order to grow the viewer's cooking skills.  Season 1 Episode 1 will focus on the absolute basics while presenting recipes, demonstrating rudimentary knife skills while preparing a salad, or how to build flavors in a sauce for chicken.  As the season progresses, techniques will grow steadily more advanced, and will be concluded with a season finale that utilizes all the skills taught in each episode. The series won't alienate casual viewers, however, as it will maintain the format familiar to cooking show enthusiasts - recipes, techniques, and personality, all of which can be enjoyed by amateurs or seasoned cooks alike.